Pecs Hungary (Travel Guide) – Things to Do in Pécs

Pecs Hungary (Travel Guide) - Things to Do in Pécs

The 2000-year-old city of Pecs, located in the south of Hungary, is a city of museums, art, galleries, architecture and history. Pécs is also a famous university town with many students. With a number of interesting sites such as museums, monuments, Turkish and Roman ruins, Pécs is one of the most pleasant and interesting cities to visit in Hungary. Here’s what you can see and do there!
1. Széchenyi square
2. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, formerly known as the Mosque of Pasha Qasim
3. The statue of Holy Trinity and János Hunyadi
4. Király Street
5. The Hungarian Art Nouveau-style Palatinus Hotel
6. The National Theatre of Pécs
7. The Barbican Barbican
8. Pécs Cathedral
9. The Bishop’s Palace
10. Sopianae Early Christian Mausoleum, along with its Early Christian Mausoleum
11. The Synagogue of Pecs
12. The Bath of Pasha Memi
13. The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
The town of Pécs offers so much, so it’s an ideal place for a city break.
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